Friday, October 24, 2008

You went thrifting? Thrifting you say?

Do I even need to mention any more that I went thrifting?

"Oh my gosh, Roxanne went thrifting AGAIN!"

Let's face it... I practically live at the Salvation Army near me (and I guess I should consider the nearest Goodwill and Savers to be my second homes).

"Are you heading back home?"

"No, I'm heading off to my second home, the Goodwill, because I'm badass like that."

Mister.boyfriend was kind enough to escort me to the Salvation Army the day before yesterday. Wednesday is the day where 4 out of 5 colors are half-off. Thrifting at full price is still a thrill but getting a 50% discount makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

We arrived quite late in the evening after the mad Wednesday rush (and the stock is not always the grandest there anyways) but despite not making a total haul, I did find a few "rarities" for me.

I always feel like a bit of a jerk when posting to 100% thrifted when I pretty much own only non-thrifted tights (though generally bought on the cheap). When it comes to used, I draw the line at undergarments (it's just scary to think of things rubbing on some strangers naughty bits), but I have no issue with NIP leg wear. Unfortunately, try as I might to thrift NIP tights, I totally don't fit the sizes I see 99.9% of the time. Add to that 99.9% of the time when I do find a pair in my size, it's that nasty 1970's Malibu Barbie orange. blech.

The sad part is a lot of the tights floating around thrift stores theoretically should fit me. When I was younger I avoid leg wear like the plague. Either I was stuck walking like a penguin since the crotch wouldn't go to where it was supposed to be or the tights would be distorted since I had to force them into position. In my early 20's it finally dawned on me that I should be wearing one size larger despite what the size charts always told me. I'm not exceptionally tall, 5 feet 8 inches, but my extra height comes from my legs. So when ever I come across leg wear in any capacity, I almost always need one size larger than what the package recommends.

(and of course the thrift stores always have plenty of leg wear that would fit me if only my height was more balanced between my legs and torso......)

but as mentioned, Wednesday was a day of thrifting "rarities" for me. I found not one but three pairs of tights. A lovely ribbed raspberry colored pair, neon-yellow sheers (packaged with a free pair of knee highs in the same color), and a white pair of tights designed for dancers.

The second "rarity" of note is that I also came across two pairs of gloves that actually fit me really well. Much like my sob tale of my hard to fit legs, I have what my dad calls "lady hands" topped off with long skinny fingers. So it's hard to find gloves that I can fit more than 3/4 of my finger into without the glove constantly sliding around my hand.

Thirdly, not particularly a "good" rarity but I found it rather amusing. The whole reason for the trip was my mission to find giant wool sweaters for the purpose of making wrist warmers (my vintage coats leave a frosty gap between the hemline and my wrist) and despite me considering big ugly sweaters to be a thrift store staple, they were wiped out that day! I guess it finally dawned on people that winter is coming!?

Being the crazed scavenger that I am, I did find three suitable sweaters crammed in various locations. I need to pick up a few sewing notions but I plan on starting the warmer making next week.

On the trip, I also scored a new dress (which I'm quite fond of) and two new sweaters. The dress I'm wearing today (with my thrifted tights!), so photos will follow shortly!

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