Monday, October 27, 2008

I really need two computers so I can watch videos and work......

The only issue I have with working on the computer is the temptation to do everything but what you are supposed to be doing. I spent a small part of my morning digging around on YouTube for the videos for my Halloween countdown and then admittedly wasted an hour perusing videos that had nothing to do with my blog entry.

If you are like me and see Jarvis Cocker for the hottie that he is, then you can't really blame me for slacking off a bit to watch Pulp videos.

Call me crazy... but I have always liked his dancing :P


Missa said...

Boy's definitely go moves! Agreed, youtube is a HUGE time suck of which I have a tendency of getting sucked into as well.

fabulousrice said...

And how about the spoken version?
Hope all is fine with ya... bisou