Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh weather, how you toy with me...

It seems as if it was only a few days ago when I was dressed for fall... Oh wait, it was. The past two days have been lovely as far as the weather goes and I'm back to my warm weather gear. I know once the winter hits (snow and all) I'll find myself longing for warmer days... but as of right now I find myself longing for layers and vintage jackets. Especially since I picked up a killer vintage coat at the Salvation Army today for $12. It's understated black wool with a body flattering cut. I've been jonesing for a black wool coat for the past two winters and I'm glad I finally found a suitable one.

The vintage skirt I am wearing is something that I thrifted early September (half-off, Salvation Army) and I've worn it at least twice a week ever since then. I love how it flares, the pockets, the obnoxious bright red, and the fact that it's a wrap skirt. My black shirt is H&M from a few years back, the scarf I acquired for a euro at a fleamarket, and the sunglasses were acquired during a cocktail fueled shopping adventure with my friend when he was visiting Paris.

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