Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh Midge....

I started writing my previous post on Vertigo prior to getting dressed in the morning. My musings on Midge inspired me to imitate art today.

I was originally going to pair the vintage red cardigan and white blouse (both thrifted) with a black skirt but my choices were a lacy black skirt or a very fitted black pencil skirt. Neither seemed very 'Midge' so I opted for a grey a-line skirt I thrifted recently. The final touches were a pair a vintage black heels (also thrifted) and my glasses. (that I've had for 8+ years).

Which makes todays Midge tribute 100% thrifted. yay!

(btw... Please excuse how wrinkled the skirt looks. The cotton fabric is evil and will wrinkle if you just look at it.)