Saturday, October 4, 2008

This might just be a ransome note....

So here I am again. I've been neglecting many things (such as this blog) but we all need to go a bit squishy in the head sometimes. I'm still attempting to adjust to being in a new place, back in the States (!!people speak English here!!), and trying not to get into a routine of laziness.

Friday, I went to a rather crummy Salvation Army with mister.boyfriend. Overpriced (due to it being in a college town methinks), enough shoppers to give anyone a migraine, and the stock was rather bland (and I don't think it was because the selection was just picked over). I did leave with two skirts (half off, otherwise they would have stayed there) and a jacket (which in hindsight looks not so great on me, so now it needs a new home) but all-in-all the experience sort of left me under thrifting raincloud.

Onward to Saturday. Mister.boyfriend, sympathetic towards my disappointment at the Salvation Army we had gone to the day before, took me to another Salvation Army. It was a completely different experience from the blunder the day before. Reasonable prices, decent stock, and most of what I found was 50%. huzzah!

Saturday's thrifting outfit.
The brooch I picked up on my birthday at an antique store for $3 or $4 and the tapestry handbag was a steal for 25 cents at a tag sale. The rest of the outfit was thrifted in expeditions old (sweater/top) and new (grey skirt obtained two weeks ago) with the exception of the booties, which were bought in Paris two days before I left.

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