Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attn: Ladies of the thread...

I was going through my feeds and noticed a post on OutsaPop Trashion picturing a really fabulous looking cape designed by Ceregana.

Besides the cape being one of the coolest articles of clothing I've seen in a while. The pattern is available for FREE!! Did my eyes deceive me? Is it true that the pattern is there for my taking and I don't have to spend hours gazing at the finished garment and plot how to make my own version?

I just about fainted from sheer delight!

For all you ladies of the thread you can find the FREE pattern over here at Burda Style.

(now I'm off to harass mister.boyfriend over the discovery)

Update: On the designer's Burda profile I found a link to her blog, sewable.blogspot.com - which contains more details on her patterns and loads of lovely finished pieces.

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