Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tea and Gary Numan....

The past few days I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something... so I spent most of today nursing myself with tea and Gary Numan.

Today's guest star is 'Little', mister.boyfriends kitty and my step-kitty. Being the classy kitty that she is, I did not think she appreciated her name being a joke at the expense of her girth. So I renamed her:

Lady Lillian of Littleshire
aka. Little

When I first thrifted this skirt, I thought it buttoned up the front, then later I noticed that the pockets were angled the wrong way for the buttons to be in the front. A bit of a hassle to get myself into it but I love the skirt anyways. The sweater has a cute lace petter pan collar on it that mister.boyfriend hates! Ah well, I like the collar. Everything is thrifted with the exception of the leggings (gift) and socks (found floating around my sock drawer).

btw. I consider the backshot to be a painful reminder that I REALLY need a haircut. It's been on my "to do" list for over a month but I'm just too chicken to let a stranger whack at my hair. In the past, I've fallen victim to the hair dresser ignoring me and doing what they wanted. Sometimes it turned out decent (but still not what I had wanted) and after one occasion I pretty much wore a hat for the next 6 months.... hmm.

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