Friday, October 31, 2008

Freaky Friday no.1

It's Friday and time for the first "Freaky Friday". Yes.... I have already "Thematic Tuesdays" and now I've attached another corny name to a weekly post. Do you have any better ideas for name?

If you poked around here enough you'll know that I enjoy thrifting. Some may even say that I am addicted to it. Every visit to a Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other stores, I always come across interesting specimens. Horrid fashion mishaps, weird items that you wonder "who'd buy that?", and other peculiarities that make most people laugh, then move on.

That's where "Freaky Friday" comes in. Every week when I'm browsing for treasures, instead of laughing then moving on from the occasional horror, I'll spend a few extra moments and take a picture. Forever immortalizing the items that are most likely doomed to remain unloved.

This week I found fascinating sweater. In my opinion it totally bypasses "So ugly it's kind of cool" and goes straight to "If you don't stop wearing that right now. I'll gouge my eyes out, then burn your sweater!!". I think this is a real doozy.....

For some reason it reminds me of Mimi from the Drew Carey show....

Would she approve?

In other thrifting news... I'm quite thrilled by my thrifty haul today. I'll be sure to take some pictures and do a post on it soon!

I could not resist......

It's Halloween and the final two videos for my festive video countdown! As obvious as it may seem, I had to pick Thriller for one of the final two videos. How can it be Halloween without Michael Jackson, Vincent Price (his voice at least), and choreographed zombies?

The second video I picked is another one from Supergrass. Much like Halloween not being the same without Thriller, I can't make any sort of music related list without giving Supergrass two spots!

#2. Supergrass - Rush Hour Soul
Click here to view the video on YouTube.

#1. Michael Jackson - Thriller
Click here to view the video on YouTube.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm gonna push you further into my dream....

One more day until Halloween and I am surprisingly without plans. I guess I'll eat candy and watch my own video countdown ;)

#4. Metallica - Enter Sandman
You know you like a bit of the 'ole Metallica and despite all it's corniness... you think the video is pretty cool as well. Just admit it!

#3. Supergrass - Mary
If I recall correctly, this video banned from being played in the UK before 11pm at night.. or something along those lines. Supergrass is one of my most beloved bands and one of the greatest bands that I've listen to throughout my years. Mary is an interesting little ditty with a killer video ;)

Missed the other videos? part 1, part 2, part 3

The final two videos will be posted tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tea and Gary Numan....

The past few days I've been feeling like I'm coming down with something... so I spent most of today nursing myself with tea and Gary Numan.

Today's guest star is 'Little', mister.boyfriends kitty and my step-kitty. Being the classy kitty that she is, I did not think she appreciated her name being a joke at the expense of her girth. So I renamed her:

Lady Lillian of Littleshire
aka. Little

When I first thrifted this skirt, I thought it buttoned up the front, then later I noticed that the pockets were angled the wrong way for the buttons to be in the front. A bit of a hassle to get myself into it but I love the skirt anyways. The sweater has a cute lace petter pan collar on it that mister.boyfriend hates! Ah well, I like the collar. Everything is thrifted with the exception of the leggings (gift) and socks (found floating around my sock drawer).

btw. I consider the backshot to be a painful reminder that I REALLY need a haircut. It's been on my "to do" list for over a month but I'm just too chicken to let a stranger whack at my hair. In the past, I've fallen victim to the hair dresser ignoring me and doing what they wanted. Sometimes it turned out decent (but still not what I had wanted) and after one occasion I pretty much wore a hat for the next 6 months.... hmm.

And I'm frightened by the liquid engineers.....

Onward to videos #6 and #5 in my little Halloween video fest. yay! If you missed the first two parts, you can find them over this way: part 1, part 2

In the 20th century "chills" were no longer something exclusively as the result of the supernatural. Big brother, aggressive alien species, radioactive beasts, misunderstood androids, and other popular sci-fi themes have frequently been used to unnerve the populous.

Straying from the typical "oogey boogey" fare, the following two videos are from artists that I highly respect and have always been a bit keen on the seemingly "futuristic" slant to their work.

#6. Gary Numan - Metal

#5. Kraftwerk - The Robots

Four videos left to go and I only have 3 videos selected. What will my fourth selection be? Does any know? Tomorrow we will be back to the good 'ole fashioned creep and y.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Attn: Ladies of the thread...

I was going through my feeds and noticed a post on OutsaPop Trashion picturing a really fabulous looking cape designed by Ceregana.

Besides the cape being one of the coolest articles of clothing I've seen in a while. The pattern is available for FREE!! Did my eyes deceive me? Is it true that the pattern is there for my taking and I don't have to spend hours gazing at the finished garment and plot how to make my own version?

I just about fainted from sheer delight!

For all you ladies of the thread you can find the FREE pattern over here at Burda Style.

(now I'm off to harass mister.boyfriend over the discovery)

Update: On the designer's Burda profile I found a link to her blog, - which contains more details on her patterns and loads of lovely finished pieces.

TT: Stick'in it to the man all year round!

Welcome to the first Thematic Tuesday where I recommend items available at Etsy based on a specific theme. Sure this is not the first blog with an Etsy roundup. I believe that Etsy is a magical place with A LOT of goods for sale and the more people seeking out the best of the best, the merrier.

This week, in celebration of the best holiday EVER, we will be looking at ways to wear a little bit of Halloween spirit everyday. It always makes me smile to see a child wearing their Halloween costume in May and while adults are generally discouraged from such antics, we can still sneak a bit of the dress-up spirit under the radar of the "mature" sticks-in-the-mud.

Depending on your level of moxie some of these might be better suited for a cocktail party rather than a day at the office but details like tiny mustaches and monocles would be great fun to whip out when your supervisor is not looking!

It's not the monster mash....

Two more videos to help you get your sweet Hallo-ween groove on and if you missed part 1, you can find it over this way.

#8. Stone Temple Pilots - Sour Girl
Sarah Michelle Gellar scares me. Seeing a dark field of strange Teletubby like creatures unnerves me and Scott Weiland's writhing (is that supposed to be a dance?) just creeps me out.

#7. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance
I love the song and think the video is erm, interesting..... Unlike Atlantic Records, the fine folks that allowed an embedded link to Sour Girl, Universal will stand for no such thing. So you'll have to click here to go to the YouTube page. See the video

Stay tuned for for the next two videos tomorrow and later today I'll be posting the first edition of "Thematic Tuesdays"!

Monday, October 27, 2008

I really need two computers so I can watch videos and work......

The only issue I have with working on the computer is the temptation to do everything but what you are supposed to be doing. I spent a small part of my morning digging around on YouTube for the videos for my Halloween countdown and then admittedly wasted an hour perusing videos that had nothing to do with my blog entry.

If you are like me and see Jarvis Cocker for the hottie that he is, then you can't really blame me for slacking off a bit to watch Pulp videos.

Call me crazy... but I have always liked his dancing :P

Count down to the 'ween

A lot of Americans consider Thanksgiving to be the start of the "holiday season". Being a big fan costumes and free candy, I beg to differ and consider Halloween to be the grand kickoff. I love Halloween. I love music videos. In celebration of the festive season I'll be recommending 10 music videos that, with a little imagination, could be seen as rather fitting for the occasion.

Each video thrills me in its own way, so the videos will be posted two each day in no particular order. Believe me, I tried to make a "best of" list but just did not have the heart.....

#10. Bauhaus - Bella Lugosi's Dead (from The Hunger)
I much prefer this clip over the video for the single. Bauhaus made a brief appearance in the 80's vampire flick "The Hunger". Staring David Bowie, Catherine Deneuve, and Susan Sarandon. I consider this movie to be something of a cheesefest, so it does not particularly trigger my "ick" radar.

#9. Aphex Twin - Come to daddy
Come to think of it, just about every Aphex Twin video I can think of falls under "creepy"...

So there we have it. Watch out for the next two videos tomorrow (and the aforementioned new regular addition to Tuesdays)....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The fate of the ideaboard idea and coming soon....

You know it's a slow day at the Deersign Manor when I do three posts in one day.

Since I started posting to my blog again part of me wondered if I should return to doing the ideaboards. It was a great brain teaser of sorts for me and for the few that I actually blogged I liked the idea of sharing my visions with the world. The only hitch: assembling the boards on a weekly basis was rather time consuming for me. With life and my freelance work, I do not feel that I could keep up with such things if it had to adhere to a strict schedule.

I do love reading a blog with regular content and I'd rather not post just about the fact that I do indeed wear clothing. So I've brainstormed and decided that I will add two regular features to this blog. Both are things that I feel I can keep up with since it pretty much focuses on things I regularly do anyways.

Not much more will be said now. Just keep your eye out Tuesdays and Fridays!

(top photo by yours truly)

It's been a BERRY fine day...

Silly me. I completely forgot I acquired a skirt as well on Wednesday. It looks to be homemade and has the most interesting strawberry print. Interesting I say since I wonder what sort of person (besides myself) would wear a skirt featuring strawberries. My lovely little red friends are flocked on a blue cotton fabric.

It's strange to think that my whole love of strawberries (one of my favorite foods, ya know) could have been spurred on by the deranged 80's children's cartoon known as "Strawberry Shortcake". I say deranged because they for one thing consistently abused the word "berry" (How BERRY nice to see you!!) and just look at the Wikipedia entry:

"Pupcake now belongs to Strawberry instead of Huck (who now has Shoofly Frog). Angel Cake no longer has Souffle skunk, but instead a lamb named Vanilla Icing. Lemon Meringue's pet frog, Frappe, is replaced by Sourball the skunk (possibly explained by the switching of Souffle skunk to Vanilla Icing for Angel Cake and switching of Pupcake to Shoofly Frog for Huck). Apple Dumplin's turtle, Teatime, is replaced by Apple Ducklin'. Rhubarb, Raspberry's pet, changed from a monkey to a raccoon. This might be explained by the existence of Banana Bongo (Tangerina Torta's monkey), although Banana Bongo himself was originally introduced as the leader of a monkey band on Seaberry Beach during the story introducing Coco Calypso and Seaberry Delight."

- From the Wikipedia entry on Strawberry Shortcake

If I had read that little blurb without knowing what it was related to. I would have guess it was part of some strange story written by a baker on an acid trip.

No really!

It was a blustery day today and despite all the bluster, the leaves just never sprinkled down from the trees whenever the shutter on my camera fired. Being the ever helpful fellow, mister.boyfriend took time out from his frolicking to help by tossing leaves into the frame.

Of course I could not stop laughing and got only one photo with the leaves where I did not look like a total dork. Before mister.boyfriend joined me outside, I had fortunately gotten a few shots when I could at least pretend to be serious.

I can't keep away from my raspberry tights. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll accidentally destroy them but in the meantime we are quite attached to each other. The brown silk/wool turtle neck I thrifted probably around this time last year. I've never been particularly keen on brown clothing. I was attracted to the tiny flecks of white, blue, and orange. Surprisingly the color did not look half bad on me and it's be a regular in my cold weather arsenal ever since.

Skirt: Thrifted
Turtleneck: Thrifted
Tights: Thrifted
Leather shoes: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted

Friday, October 24, 2008

100% Thrifted you say?

I was quite enthusiastic about today's outfit. My newly thrifted raspberry tights and dress looked like they were made for each other! At the store the dress looked less than spectacular with it's tent like shape hanging limply on the hanger but despite mister.boyfriend making strange faces over it, I knew that all it needed was a belt!

See what I mean? It looked even cuter than what I dreamed up in my head at the thrift store. The bonus is that without the belt the dress goes from comfortable to exceptionally comfortable and made for a comfort filled morning while working at my computer.

When mister.boyfriend returned from work he was even pleasantly surprised by the dress looking better than he imagined and now considers it to be one of his favorites!

The dress is made out of a heavy cotton fabric which kept me reasonably toasty while indoors but when I ventured out of the house in the afternoon I added a vintage wool blazer that was one of my (very) few Ebay purchases while in France. According to the seller it was part of an usherette uniform for a theater in Paris during the 1940's.

Today I am most definately, 100% thrifted ;)

Dress: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: Thrifted
Tights: THRIFTED!!
Coat: Ebay

You went thrifting? Thrifting you say?

Do I even need to mention any more that I went thrifting?

"Oh my gosh, Roxanne went thrifting AGAIN!"

Let's face it... I practically live at the Salvation Army near me (and I guess I should consider the nearest Goodwill and Savers to be my second homes).

"Are you heading back home?"

"No, I'm heading off to my second home, the Goodwill, because I'm badass like that."

Mister.boyfriend was kind enough to escort me to the Salvation Army the day before yesterday. Wednesday is the day where 4 out of 5 colors are half-off. Thrifting at full price is still a thrill but getting a 50% discount makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

We arrived quite late in the evening after the mad Wednesday rush (and the stock is not always the grandest there anyways) but despite not making a total haul, I did find a few "rarities" for me.

I always feel like a bit of a jerk when posting to 100% thrifted when I pretty much own only non-thrifted tights (though generally bought on the cheap). When it comes to used, I draw the line at undergarments (it's just scary to think of things rubbing on some strangers naughty bits), but I have no issue with NIP leg wear. Unfortunately, try as I might to thrift NIP tights, I totally don't fit the sizes I see 99.9% of the time. Add to that 99.9% of the time when I do find a pair in my size, it's that nasty 1970's Malibu Barbie orange. blech.

The sad part is a lot of the tights floating around thrift stores theoretically should fit me. When I was younger I avoid leg wear like the plague. Either I was stuck walking like a penguin since the crotch wouldn't go to where it was supposed to be or the tights would be distorted since I had to force them into position. In my early 20's it finally dawned on me that I should be wearing one size larger despite what the size charts always told me. I'm not exceptionally tall, 5 feet 8 inches, but my extra height comes from my legs. So when ever I come across leg wear in any capacity, I almost always need one size larger than what the package recommends.

(and of course the thrift stores always have plenty of leg wear that would fit me if only my height was more balanced between my legs and torso......)

but as mentioned, Wednesday was a day of thrifting "rarities" for me. I found not one but three pairs of tights. A lovely ribbed raspberry colored pair, neon-yellow sheers (packaged with a free pair of knee highs in the same color), and a white pair of tights designed for dancers.

The second "rarity" of note is that I also came across two pairs of gloves that actually fit me really well. Much like my sob tale of my hard to fit legs, I have what my dad calls "lady hands" topped off with long skinny fingers. So it's hard to find gloves that I can fit more than 3/4 of my finger into without the glove constantly sliding around my hand.

Thirdly, not particularly a "good" rarity but I found it rather amusing. The whole reason for the trip was my mission to find giant wool sweaters for the purpose of making wrist warmers (my vintage coats leave a frosty gap between the hemline and my wrist) and despite me considering big ugly sweaters to be a thrift store staple, they were wiped out that day! I guess it finally dawned on people that winter is coming!?

Being the crazed scavenger that I am, I did find three suitable sweaters crammed in various locations. I need to pick up a few sewing notions but I plan on starting the warmer making next week.

On the trip, I also scored a new dress (which I'm quite fond of) and two new sweaters. The dress I'm wearing today (with my thrifted tights!), so photos will follow shortly!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seperated at birth....

Photo from stephaniebracciano @ etsy

This cornflower blue number being sold by "Mid Western Vintage By Stephanie Bracciano" is the long lost twin to the red version that I picked up last month at the Salvation Army.

I'm in love with the flexibility and fit of my red version (and mister.boyfriend is quite fond of the skirt as well). Despite not being able to currently afford paying (even reasonable) store prices vintage items, I am indeed tempted to shell out $26 for the blue version. My red skirt just rocks so much it would be heaven to have the skirt in two colors!

If I manage to keep my resolve (which I probably will), I can only hope that the future owner will love the skirt as much as I love the red version.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Coffee, tea, or hair?

My only issue in living with cats is that their hair gets EVERYWHERE.
Like in my morning cup of coffee....

Vintage teal skirt, mustard short sleeve sweater, black cardigan, belt and shoes are all thrifted. This skirt is one of my favorite recent finds. It's incredibly soft, like the sort of thing you would wrap babies or kittens in. The teal goes great with the mustard sweater that I thrifted in Paris! In fact I'm already pondering what else I could do with those colors...

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's starting to get chilly here! Finally it feels like fall and I'm rather excited about getting to partake in the world of layering again. I have never been a big jewelry person so as the weather heats up the variety to my accessories diminishes. The cooler months are perfect for piling on scarves, hats, gloves, coats, and even interesting leg wear.

Needless to say I am thrilled to the start accessorizing again! At least until shoveling the driveway becomes a regular part of my daily routine ;)

Wool blazer: Gap (4 years ago)
Houndstooth scarf: Random shop in Paris
Black sweater: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Wool skirt: Vintage store in Paris
Tapestry handbag: Tag sale
Heels: Random shop in Paris

I can count on one hand the number of clothing items that I own from the Gap and 3 were thrifted! To my American eyes the coat looked very English and I fell in love despite the fact that since it was from the Gap it would be obnoxiously over priced. Half the reason why I rarely shop there is because their clothes are not always on par with the price (in my humble opinion). The blazer pills like crazy but despite having to constantly shave the darn thing, the blazer is still one of my favorite "transitional" jackets.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A double whamy....

Spurred on by the glamorous ladies in old Hollywood movies, as a little girl I loved having an excuse for wardrobe changes throughout the day...

Who am I kidding? I still love an excuse to wear multiple outfits in one day!

The following is my casual day time ensemble (fancy name, eh?)

If you follow my posts on flickr you'll know that I'm unsure if this trench really works for me. It's about one size too big and with the inslulating lining in, it makes me feel akin to a marshmellow. It looks lovely unbuttoned though...

London Fog trench: Thrifted, Tee: Thrifted, Black skirt: Thrifted,
Houndstooth belt: ??, Yellow cardigan: Thrifted, Maryjanes: Monoprix

In the evening I wore this pretty much 100% thrifted ensemble to a show with mister.boyfriend. Admittedly, I get a strange kick out of wearing an entire outfit that costs much less than what a person might spend on a single shirt. Is it pride? Evil glee on being smarter than the average bear? I really can not place my finger on where the thrill comes from!

Green silk bolero:
Thrifted (2€), Black strapless dress: Thrifted ($3), Lacey skirt (worn as an underskirt, you can see a hint of the edge): Thrifted back in highschool (50 cents), Black belt: Thrifted (2€), Tapestry handbag: Tag sale (25 cents), Heels (sames as the pair I wore on my last post): Thrifted (3€)

For the details... The dark gray tights I had floating amongst my sock drawer. I'm also wearing a pearl necklace that was a gift and later I added a black cashmere shawl, to keep away the chill, that I got for free off of Craigslist!

They call me mellow yellow...

Finally! Practically a century ago (ok, two? three? months) I thrifted this trench,

I loved the shade of yellow so much,
I vowed to paint a room that color.

(and by the way. The photo of the trench is a terrible representation of the color. har!)

So off I went to Sherman Williams last night with mister.boyfriend and the coat in tow. Interestingly enough they had a paint chip of a very similar color (just a tad darker) dubbed "Torchlight". We got a quart of the color to test it out and ever since I've been amusing myself by slapping swatches of color on the wall during lulls in more important things to do . It's just what I wanted!


Back to my 3 comfort movies... I previously rambled about the classic Hitchcock film Vertigo, a film that I consider to be romantic in an oddly strange way. I'm not even going to discuss the next film. If you've seen it you should know what a fantastic film it is and if you have not seen it, you really should.

Harold and Maude is like sunshine on celluloid. Yeah, I blubber a bit at the end but overall the story always helps me out of the worst of moods.

As mentioned previously what ties my comfort films together is their location. Harold and Maude is littered with scenes taking place in areas that I know well.

The scene with the motorcycle cop was filmed at the east end of the old Dumbarton Bridge. By the time I moved with my family to the East Bay a new bridge and highway had been built. What remained of the old bridge was left as a pier for fishing and the old highway was now part of a wildlife refuge. Just a short bike ride from my house, I can not even begin to count how many times I rode my bike down that stretch of road completely unaware that a really great scene was once filmed there.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


When I started documenting what I wore my original intention was to get a good look at my own style (if there was one) and inspire myself to give my whole wardrobe a chance. It's been a positive experience encouraging me to care about my appearance on even the worst of days and related communities have opened up a world to me that is much bigger than anything you could ever find in a magazine.

In certain aspects of my life I can be rather "quirky". I'm not necessarily a perfectionist, there is just a small wrinkle in my personality that when I claim to be something, I'd like no evidence that I am anything but excellent at what I do. Photography has been something very close to me ever since I can recall the first time I developed pictures with my dad in the bathroom at our house. It was the first subject I studied after high school and something I've put a lot of effort into learning. I make no claims to be the greatest or the best but I do take pride in what I do know.

The aforementioned wrinkle often manifested itself in how I viewed myself as a photographer. In the past if I could not get the shot there was something irritatingly unacceptable it. Teeth grindingly, hair pullingly, sleepless nightly, unacceptable.

Last Spring I started to document what I wore. I was busy with my studies and most of the shots were quickies in bad locations. The anal retentive photographer in me was rather huffy that the rushed pictures were often not meeting standards. I kept telling myself to relax it's not about the photo it's about the clothes. It took awhile but eventually I did start to let go.

So strangely enough, one of the biggest things I've learned over the past few months is that bad photos are not going to destroy me. There is no secret photographic society that will see a crapy photo with my name attached to it, hunt me down, kick down my door, and burn my negatives as punishment. (That might be a bit exaggerated but you get the idea...)

The photographer (me) might just be tired that day, the model (also me) might be in a bad mood, the lighting gods could be on vacation (which happens often without controlled conditions), the location may just suck (and many do) or whatever the case may be. Sometimes even when you know how to do something well the situation can still be out of your control.

My outfit photos may not be about the photography but it does thrill me when I can get a decent shot. So like the dork that I am, in between loads of laundry you can find me standing in the drizzle trying to will the wind to blow just a little bit more in order to get just a slightly more interesting shot.

The vintage dress I purchased off of Ebay two years ago for a garden party. I ended up wearing another dress but I've always been quite fond of the pattern and thought the leaf motif was suitable for this gloomy Fall day. I added a pair of thrifted heels since the dress looked silly with flats and who cares if I look over dressed for my errands later. If Andrea can teeter around in heels while doing housework, I can teeter around a hardware store in heels!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Thrifty finds... the male edition

It's thrilling to have a man who both accepts my thrifting addiction (yes, it is an addiction folks) and does not mind browsing for himself (yay company!). The trouble is finds for him are a bit of a rarity.

Mister.boyfriend is a tall and skinny fellow so when we do on occasion come across something that is not XXL, sadly the sleeves are often too short. (At least when we are looking for items with long sleeves. Which we are, since Winter is on the way)

Today my bag of Salvation Army finds included a few things for the man as well...

Pendelton wool cardigan

Vintage L.L. Bean hunting jacket

Everybody likes AC/DC

and look away now if corny things makes you want to barf...

Yes, I also found a ladies AC/DC shirt (after we found the mens one). Am I the only one who thinks thrifting his 'n hers AC/DC shirts is funny? Even the friendly clerk noticed and found it rather odd.

Mister.boyfriend was not immediately keen on the cardigan (well cardigans in general) but I always insist that modern men need to wear them more often, since I'm a gal who tends to crush on men from eras where things like cardigans were cool.

Even badasses like Steve McQueen wore them...

It's starting to feel like fall (again)

On the unofficial list of my thrifting wants is to find another cardigan like the one I'm wearing. Slightly worn, thick, wooly, a bit on the large side, simple pattern, but in a darker shade. It's funny that I've owned (and loved) this sweater for over a year but only this week has it started appearing in my outfit photos. Like how I rarely bother to shoot my bags since I always have one or two bags in rotation. This cardigan is such a constant when it's a bit chilly and I want to be comfortable, I've only recently began to recognize it as part of an outfit rather than what I always throw on to keep warm.

I've worn this plaid dress several times since I thrifted (and posted about) it but today is the first time I ever bothered to photograph myself in it. I love the puffy sleeves and red stitching detail on the neckline.

Dress, cardigan, boots, and belt are all 100% thrifted.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oh Midge....

I started writing my previous post on Vertigo prior to getting dressed in the morning. My musings on Midge inspired me to imitate art today.

I was originally going to pair the vintage red cardigan and white blouse (both thrifted) with a black skirt but my choices were a lacy black skirt or a very fitted black pencil skirt. Neither seemed very 'Midge' so I opted for a grey a-line skirt I thrifted recently. The final touches were a pair a vintage black heels (also thrifted) and my glasses. (that I've had for 8+ years).

Which makes todays Midge tribute 100% thrifted. yay!

(btw... Please excuse how wrinkled the skirt looks. The cotton fabric is evil and will wrinkle if you just look at it.)