Friday, October 17, 2008

A double whamy....

Spurred on by the glamorous ladies in old Hollywood movies, as a little girl I loved having an excuse for wardrobe changes throughout the day...

Who am I kidding? I still love an excuse to wear multiple outfits in one day!

The following is my casual day time ensemble (fancy name, eh?)

If you follow my posts on flickr you'll know that I'm unsure if this trench really works for me. It's about one size too big and with the inslulating lining in, it makes me feel akin to a marshmellow. It looks lovely unbuttoned though...

London Fog trench: Thrifted, Tee: Thrifted, Black skirt: Thrifted,
Houndstooth belt: ??, Yellow cardigan: Thrifted, Maryjanes: Monoprix

In the evening I wore this pretty much 100% thrifted ensemble to a show with mister.boyfriend. Admittedly, I get a strange kick out of wearing an entire outfit that costs much less than what a person might spend on a single shirt. Is it pride? Evil glee on being smarter than the average bear? I really can not place my finger on where the thrill comes from!

Green silk bolero:
Thrifted (2€), Black strapless dress: Thrifted ($3), Lacey skirt (worn as an underskirt, you can see a hint of the edge): Thrifted back in highschool (50 cents), Black belt: Thrifted (2€), Tapestry handbag: Tag sale (25 cents), Heels (sames as the pair I wore on my last post): Thrifted (3€)

For the details... The dark gray tights I had floating amongst my sock drawer. I'm also wearing a pearl necklace that was a gift and later I added a black cashmere shawl, to keep away the chill, that I got for free off of Craigslist!

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Lavender said...

I love that trench. I also know what you mean about the good feeling of knowing everything you are wearing is thrifted and cost about $10.