Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's starting to feel like fall (again)

On the unofficial list of my thrifting wants is to find another cardigan like the one I'm wearing. Slightly worn, thick, wooly, a bit on the large side, simple pattern, but in a darker shade. It's funny that I've owned (and loved) this sweater for over a year but only this week has it started appearing in my outfit photos. Like how I rarely bother to shoot my bags since I always have one or two bags in rotation. This cardigan is such a constant when it's a bit chilly and I want to be comfortable, I've only recently began to recognize it as part of an outfit rather than what I always throw on to keep warm.

I've worn this plaid dress several times since I thrifted (and posted about) it but today is the first time I ever bothered to photograph myself in it. I love the puffy sleeves and red stitching detail on the neckline.

Dress, cardigan, boots, and belt are all 100% thrifted.

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