Wednesday, November 5, 2008

TT: Minimal, six workspace necessities.

One of my highest priorities right now is assembling my workspace. Anyone who works "hands on" knows how important it is to have SPACE to work in. No matter what you do with your time, whether it's blogging or creating textile designs, it is handy to have at least a small setup for your activities.

While working on the ideas for my own space I started to brainstorm the bare necessities, sort of a need by default for any office or work area.

#1. Desk or table (obvious enough)
#2. Chair (also obvious)
#3. Memo board (for the small papery bits)
#4. Easily accessible utility holder (aka. pencil holder)
#5. Storage (for the excess bits)
#6. Notebook (I'll get to why later)

Desk/Chair - It would not be a workspace without some sort of surface to work on and a place to rest your bottom when you are not busy leaping around from the sheer joy of the magic that you are creating.

Memo Board - Magnetic, push pin, or ribbon, it's convenient to be able to keep any inspiration or importation information in one spot. Many of us may have "inspiration" folders or places for important information on our computers but it just has more impact when it is always staring right back at you.

Utility Holder - Flat out, no arguments here, life is a lot easier when you have a pen right there ready to go instead of fumbling around a drawer. If you are anything like me, you also know it's good to have a regular spot for such things otherwise it will migrate all over the desk and will find itself all sorts of good hiding spots just when you really need a pen.

Containers - You may have shelves, drawers, or just the top of your desk, containers of various sizes keeps everything organized, easy to locate when needed, and helps you keep your area free of clutter and chaos. For my own space, I'm currently on the lookout for vintage kitchen containers. I think they'd be both attractive and convenient for storing my odds 'n ends.

Notebook - It may seem odd to consider something to write on a necessity but not something to write with. From my own experience I've found that I can always hunt down a utensil to write with (among the stranger things I've used in desperation: mascara, nail polish, toothpaste) and could even find a surfaces to write on (I have a terrible habit of writing on tables. You should have seen my past desks!)... but it is VERY useful to have all my little notes in one portable location (even if I have to re-copy them from my desk scribblings). I might not always want to drag my laptop around, my scribbled on desk may not be around for questioning, but my notebook can be.

So with my six workspace necessities in mind, I created two inspirational setups using some items from my favorites list on Etsy.

Row 1. Apex Desk by ruppeldesign, Mid Century Modern Metal Chairs @ backtocapri Row 2. Eiffel Tower Message Board by 3ButtonsN2Bows, Vintage pen holder @ bluebell bazaar Row 3. Stacking Canister @ GeneralWhimsy2, Chandelier Notebook by boundto

Yes, I was late this week... but the next Thematic Tuesday will appear on Tuesday ;)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I wore today.....

As mentioned yesterday, wearing one of my new Salvation Army finds today was put on hold due to a little Priority Mail box I received in the mail yesterday.

I try to avoid Ebay, most often it leads an array of impulse buys and on occasion paying more than I normally would at a brick 'n mortar shop. So I try to keep it for when I really need something. My closet was pretty much devoid of "winter" suitable dresses and after coming up dry for several weeks, I took my search to Ebay. I'd been thinking along the lines of vintage wool sweater dresses and found this number for the low "Buy It Now" price of $5.

The seller had priced the dress according to the fact that the skirt had a few small stains (barely noticeable and I think with a bit of elbow grease I could remove them) and the wool knit had become a bit nubbly (nothing a gentle use of a sweater shaver could not fix).

$5 with a few more shipping was something of a bargin for the dress (by Ebay standards) and this fact made it perfectly guilt-free when digging through the sellers other listings I found myself impulsively buying the best skirt EVER for a "Buy Now" price of $25.

Ah... but I'll save the BEST SKIRT EVER!!! for another post on another day. I didn't think it deserved it's first outting to be on a day where I spent most of it finishing up a website template for a client.

The dress was both warm and comfortable for a day spent coding at the computer in the terribly drafty house that I live in. With it I added a recently thrifted cardigan (that I've worn about 4 times already) and heels that I had picked up during my last shopping trip in Paris (which have also been previously posted about).


In other news, I'll be posting "Thematic Tuesday" tomorrow. After the unexpectedly busy day of rushing to finish a job early, I much rather go play video games with Mister.boyfriend than finish organizing my Etsy book marks for this week's post ;)

Also look out for the post on the clothing I thrifted during my adventures last weekend.

(and the unveiling of THE BEST SKIRT EEEEVVVVEEEERRR!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

I thrift, therefore I am.

I went to two different thrift stores over the weekend and I did something of a mini haul. It is always a thrill when I find exactly what I am looking for such as with my new one person teapot.

I've been wanting one for awhile but just never wanted to shell out the cash whenever I saw one at the store. Andrea (acatofimpossiblecolour) tormented me with her lovely teapot and I almost broke down last week and grabbed one off of Ebay for $20.

Fortunately I stalled my trigger happy mouse finger long enough to come across this baby at the Goodwill for $1.50:

In all honesty I would have bought it no matter what the set looked like since I needed it more for utility than aesthetics but oh how it tickled me that the set was in yellow/black, the colors I'm painting my workspace.

Mister.boyfriend kept mentioning to me how we needed coasters and lo-n-behold I came across this vintage "alcohol proof" set for $1 at the Salvation Army:

I find the whole "alcohol proof" thing to be a bit odd. I'd be more worried by the drunks ruining my upholstery rather than my coasters......

Getting this print mounted on wood, at the Salvation Army, was a slightly impulsive buy. The depiction of the green boxy house surrounded by snow and bare trees came off as intriguing to me. As did the implied texture of the canvas. I immediately could think of no need for such things but for $1, I'll find a place for it.

I plan on painting this frame set, that I got for $1.50 at the Goodwill, black (I'm doing a yellow/black theme remember?) after I fix the connecting chain. The hanging frames are small with about a 2" (vertical) opening and I think some sort of minimal print would look lovely in them. Maybe a small sketch of a solitary object?

Mister.boyfriend and myself both had eyed this paper cutter at the Salvation Army and when I suggested getting it despite not having an immediate need for one, I heard no arguments.

When I still lived with my parents, I always used my dad's paper cutter for various projects. So I'm sure I'll find a use for it soon enough!

This nondescript patent leather purse that I found at the Goodwill is a perfect example how I always find myself wrapped up in the details.

The outside has a nice shape and is cute enough but I fell in love with the lining....

The cute striped lining made the purse totally worth $2 to me.

Despite knowing how to knit, I can never help picking up knitted/crocheted items at the thrifts. When the price is right I figure that it totally wins over the cost of doing it myself. Especially when the knitted item is a mustard colored beret (with a pompom!) for .50!

I thought the beret was my last grab from the Goodwill before I left but while waiting in line I spotted this pretty brooch for $1 in one of the display cases:

Also this weekend I came across a few new dresses, some more tights!, and a few other clothing items for myself. I'll save those finds for my next post. I had planned on wearing one of the dresses tomorrow but a package arrived for me in the mail today and I think my priorities have now shifted ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Who needs leaving the house on Halloween when you have flickr?

rudi and spider, originally uploaded by you!me!dancing!.

When I came across you!me!dancing! and her beau (I presume), I came dangerously close to spilling my coffee all over the keyboard. My reaction was something along the lines of:

*as the mug fumbles in my hand*

It makes me wish I was at least in the same state as my best friend, he would make a great Old Gregg. We could do some sort of group Boosh themed costume with my friend, me, and mister.boyfriend.. *sigh*

Friday, October 31, 2008

Freaky Friday no.1

It's Friday and time for the first "Freaky Friday". Yes.... I have already "Thematic Tuesdays" and now I've attached another corny name to a weekly post. Do you have any better ideas for name?

If you poked around here enough you'll know that I enjoy thrifting. Some may even say that I am addicted to it. Every visit to a Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other stores, I always come across interesting specimens. Horrid fashion mishaps, weird items that you wonder "who'd buy that?", and other peculiarities that make most people laugh, then move on.

That's where "Freaky Friday" comes in. Every week when I'm browsing for treasures, instead of laughing then moving on from the occasional horror, I'll spend a few extra moments and take a picture. Forever immortalizing the items that are most likely doomed to remain unloved.

This week I found fascinating sweater. In my opinion it totally bypasses "So ugly it's kind of cool" and goes straight to "If you don't stop wearing that right now. I'll gouge my eyes out, then burn your sweater!!". I think this is a real doozy.....

For some reason it reminds me of Mimi from the Drew Carey show....

Would she approve?

In other thrifting news... I'm quite thrilled by my thrifty haul today. I'll be sure to take some pictures and do a post on it soon!

I could not resist......

It's Halloween and the final two videos for my festive video countdown! As obvious as it may seem, I had to pick Thriller for one of the final two videos. How can it be Halloween without Michael Jackson, Vincent Price (his voice at least), and choreographed zombies?

The second video I picked is another one from Supergrass. Much like Halloween not being the same without Thriller, I can't make any sort of music related list without giving Supergrass two spots!

#2. Supergrass - Rush Hour Soul
Click here to view the video on YouTube.

#1. Michael Jackson - Thriller
Click here to view the video on YouTube.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm gonna push you further into my dream....

One more day until Halloween and I am surprisingly without plans. I guess I'll eat candy and watch my own video countdown ;)

#4. Metallica - Enter Sandman
You know you like a bit of the 'ole Metallica and despite all it's corniness... you think the video is pretty cool as well. Just admit it!

#3. Supergrass - Mary
If I recall correctly, this video banned from being played in the UK before 11pm at night.. or something along those lines. Supergrass is one of my most beloved bands and one of the greatest bands that I've listen to throughout my years. Mary is an interesting little ditty with a killer video ;)

Missed the other videos? part 1, part 2, part 3

The final two videos will be posted tomorrow!