Wednesday, October 29, 2008

And I'm frightened by the liquid engineers.....

Onward to videos #6 and #5 in my little Halloween video fest. yay! If you missed the first two parts, you can find them over this way: part 1, part 2

In the 20th century "chills" were no longer something exclusively as the result of the supernatural. Big brother, aggressive alien species, radioactive beasts, misunderstood androids, and other popular sci-fi themes have frequently been used to unnerve the populous.

Straying from the typical "oogey boogey" fare, the following two videos are from artists that I highly respect and have always been a bit keen on the seemingly "futuristic" slant to their work.

#6. Gary Numan - Metal

#5. Kraftwerk - The Robots

Four videos left to go and I only have 3 videos selected. What will my fourth selection be? Does any know? Tomorrow we will be back to the good 'ole fashioned creep and y.

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