Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TT: Stick'in it to the man all year round!

Welcome to the first Thematic Tuesday where I recommend items available at Etsy based on a specific theme. Sure this is not the first blog with an Etsy roundup. I believe that Etsy is a magical place with A LOT of goods for sale and the more people seeking out the best of the best, the merrier.

This week, in celebration of the best holiday EVER, we will be looking at ways to wear a little bit of Halloween spirit everyday. It always makes me smile to see a child wearing their Halloween costume in May and while adults are generally discouraged from such antics, we can still sneak a bit of the dress-up spirit under the radar of the "mature" sticks-in-the-mud.

Depending on your level of moxie some of these might be better suited for a cocktail party rather than a day at the office but details like tiny mustaches and monocles would be great fun to whip out when your supervisor is not looking!

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