Friday, October 17, 2008


Back to my 3 comfort movies... I previously rambled about the classic Hitchcock film Vertigo, a film that I consider to be romantic in an oddly strange way. I'm not even going to discuss the next film. If you've seen it you should know what a fantastic film it is and if you have not seen it, you really should.

Harold and Maude is like sunshine on celluloid. Yeah, I blubber a bit at the end but overall the story always helps me out of the worst of moods.

As mentioned previously what ties my comfort films together is their location. Harold and Maude is littered with scenes taking place in areas that I know well.

The scene with the motorcycle cop was filmed at the east end of the old Dumbarton Bridge. By the time I moved with my family to the East Bay a new bridge and highway had been built. What remained of the old bridge was left as a pier for fishing and the old highway was now part of a wildlife refuge. Just a short bike ride from my house, I can not even begin to count how many times I rode my bike down that stretch of road completely unaware that a really great scene was once filmed there.

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