Friday, October 17, 2008

They call me mellow yellow...

Finally! Practically a century ago (ok, two? three? months) I thrifted this trench,

I loved the shade of yellow so much,
I vowed to paint a room that color.

(and by the way. The photo of the trench is a terrible representation of the color. har!)

So off I went to Sherman Williams last night with mister.boyfriend and the coat in tow. Interestingly enough they had a paint chip of a very similar color (just a tad darker) dubbed "Torchlight". We got a quart of the color to test it out and ever since I've been amusing myself by slapping swatches of color on the wall during lulls in more important things to do . It's just what I wanted!

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Missa said...

That yellow looks gorgeous and so does that dress in your previous post!