Friday, October 10, 2008

My new best friend.....

I pretty much presumed that when I finally obtained a sewing machine it would be purchased purely because it fit the budget and had the functions that I needed. Since it was an object that I required to continue my various projects, the longer I looked, the longer I'd stay in my loop of anti-productivity. I had been searching for a machine since my move at thrifts, tag sales, and a occasional look at Craigslist. The thrifts and tag sales turned up nothing and Craigslist was overflowing with machines that were way out of my budget or just did not meet my needs.

Earlier this week I had given Craigslist another go and to my surprise I found the PERFECT machine. I don't mean perfect in a purely rational manner, indeed the machine was within my budget (in fact under budget) and did exactly what I wanted. To my surprise and glee it was also perfect in a purely superficial manner. If someone had taken me to a room filled with sewing machines this would have been the one I walked out the door with. I could not believe my luck and the whole transaction was nerve wracking (is it still available? is the seller gonna be flaky? is this all some crazy dream??) .

It's a bit abstract to think that a mechanical object could embody everything there is to know about my personal aesthetic, but if you were ask me to sum up what I find beautiful, I'd point to the sewing machine.

My Kenmore Model 50, whom I've yet to name

The condition is amazing! Despite the machine being around 40 years old, it looks as if I walked into Sears and bought it today. Black faux leather covers the base and the machine itself is a lovely glossy silver/pale lavender, depending on the lighting. It even came with two screwdrivers with handles that match the color of the machine! The case is covered in a textured almost tweed like finish in black and white.

I'm just glad that mister.boyfriend shares a similar taste and a love for all things mechanical. Otherwise he might have thought I was a bit off for being so thrilled over an inanimate object. After we got it home and sat staring at it he even commented,

mb: "That's a sexy machine..."
me: "Isn't it? It's so pretty..."
mb: "yeah"
me: "yeah"

In other tales... The weather currently can not make up it's mind if it's fall or the last dregs of summer and I've gone back to bare legs.

Vintage seafoam cardigan: thrifted
"Little Miss Naughty" shirt: fleamarket vendor
Mustard belt: fleamarket
Black dot skirt: H&M 2 or 3 years ago
Flats: Monoprix

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a cat of impossible colour said...

Gorgeous sewing machine, gorgeous outfit! :)