Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hurrah for productivity!

While mister.boyfriend was refinishing a vintage maple desk that we picked up at a tag sale some weeks ago ($20), I bounced (3 cups of coffee) around helping out when needed, rummaging through abandoned bits in the garage, and attempted to wrangle the mess in the second half of our bedroom (too much stuff, not enough storage).

Digging around in the closet, I stumbled upon an adorable pair of baby shoes. It turned out that they were mister.boyfriend's first pair of real shoes! I love the richness to the colors and the contrast stitching. Oh how I wish I could find a pair of grownup shoes like these....

(mister.boyfriend claims that one could find similar shoes in a bowling alley... but I think the shoes have a bit more umpf than that...)

Besides squealing over baby shoes, I uncovered in the garage a pile of new table legs (which is thrilling since I've been designing a custom desk for us and was wondering if we could even afford buying decorative legs). I also found an end table that was absolutely trashed but the legs were salvageable and perfect for another project I've been working on.

The end table after I assaulted it....

As for what I was wearing to clean today... Though the sunglasses and kneehighs keep this outfit from being 100% thrifted, it's amazing to look back to a few years ago and compare the amount of retail shopping I did then to now. I've long been a fan of thrifts but admittedly in the past I was often impatient about getting what I wanted and would resort to retail for a quick fix. Slowly I became more accustomed to ignoring the "gotta have it now" voices (which are good to ignore since more often than not, I don't need it RIGHT NOW) and now I'm quite proud that more often than not I'm wearing at least one thrifted item if not a whole outfit!

The vintage shirt (with sleeves rolled up) and cream colored overalls were both thrifted. I had thrifted the overalls for 50% off at the Salvation Army just for days like today. The "Converse" are hand-me-downs.


a cat of impossible colour said...

Oh yay, you're back! I saw your photo over on wardrobe_remix and thought I'd stop by to see if you were still blogging (I don't have rss reader anymore, so I use bookmarks to keep track of my favourite blogs - need to find a better system). I love your dungarees - and I know that feeling of triumph when you're wearing almost 100% thrifted items! :)

Missa said...

Awww! Those shoesies are SO so adorable and nothin cuter than a girl in overalls, I say!