Monday, July 7, 2008

I think I might just wee myself....

BERLIN (Reuters) - Film historians had doubted they would ever find the missing portions of "Metropolis" -- until three reels of the science fiction film made in Germany a long time ago, were discovered in a country far, far away. (read the rest here)

Doth mine eyes deceive me? I am not just thrilled out of a biased love for the Fritz Lang masterpiece. It always tickles me when 'lost' portions of silent films are found......

In my younger days I was adamant with my belief that people were absolutely brainless not to recognize certain films for the masterpieces that they were and care for them accordingly. Box office returns? Who cares? Conservation of space and recycling of materials be damned!

Now, I see such things as both a collective and subject experience. I'm sure that there is a whole slew of films that any viewers of this blog could agree with me, if they were somehow destroyed, none of us would cry over it. Yet, to the dismay of my roommate (and I'm sure many of you), I have to admit that every time I wander past my roommate's collection of Doris Day films and I see Doris' glowing face smiling up at me, I want to chuck the lot into a raging fire.

I may be a total idiot for not seeing why people find Doris Day appealing (I'd like to think I'm not) but the fact that remains that if I became ruler of the world, Ms. Day movies would be the first thing to go.

The studios that manhandled what became classic cinema might have felt completely justified when they made their decisions, much like how I feel completely justified in wanting to create a Day-free world.

Edit: You can view a few stills from the found footage at the German paper Die Zeit's website... (gallery over here)

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