Friday, July 18, 2008

ideaboard #1 // Breakfast of Champions

Nutella for me is something of an acquired taste. Only recently has it become an item you would regularly find on my shelf. When I have time in the morning I usually slather it on a small crepe and top if off with bananas.

This morning I was aware that I'd most likely be unable to finish the ideaboard I had been working on in my spare time for this blog. Darn me for being one of those people that get obsessed with specific details! Unsure of what I could do, inspiration struck when I made this morning's breakfast. A crepe with Nutella (unseen in the photo), bananas, set on a lovely blue plate (that belongs to my roommate), and a glass of cranberry juice.

Photo of my breakfast by Rox

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I scoured the internet and my archives looking for the perfect table with that could emulate the texture of a crepe. Cork as a material came to mind since the patterns vary (much like crepes do) and it is available in an array of hues. During my search I found some lovely mid-century pieces made from cork such as this table by Paul Frankl, but nothing really suited the bill. That's when I thought one could cut a giant place-mat of sorts from cork to the size of the table. Such a place-mat would add a bit of texture to the arrangement and would also insure that nothing would ever skid off the table! (har har)

The colors chosen pretty much were taken from my breakfast. Soft creamy yellows for the banana, deep rich browns for the Nutella, a back drop of blue and a hint of red.

Pictured in "Breakfast of Champions",
Chandelier: " Voltolina" @ forzieri
Dinnerware: "Kata" @ target
Table: "Frank" @ jayson home & garden
Chairs: "Martine" @ restoration hardware

Photo of the Nutella spread obtained from Wikipedia.

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