Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thrifting in June: Things that start with the letter S part 3

Taking up even less space than a Summer dresses, scarves are another sans-guilt thrifting pleasure of mine. Heck, if I run out of room in my suitcase..... I could always stuff my bra with them, or something..... Not to mention, I feel like I totally scored this month with one fine piece. Mounds of items crammed in a bin may seem a bit overwhelming, but it does pay to rummage through them!

Thrifting in June: Things that start with the letter S
Part 3: Scarves and SCORE!

The top number is butter soft silk with hand painted tulips. I just loved the floral pattern on the second, sadly it had no indication who/what/where it came from. It's a pity since I'd most likely be on Ebay right now trying to hunt down similar ones.

(update: I noticed finally that the second scarf has the Avon logo hidden amongst the flora. Who would have thought it?)

Score? SCORE? I adored the colors and the pattern long before I noticed it was a Herm├Ęs. Ever since I was a kid I've held some sort of fascination with the various State seals. The design commemorates the United States bicentennial back in 1976. This lovely number was purchased for a mere 1,50€.

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Milla said...

cute stylin and commemorative! you lucky ducky!