Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thrifting in June: Things that start with the letter S part 1

It's June. The weather may be spastic, but seeing as that I am now officially out of school, I have quite a bit of free time on my hands. So admittedly, I've spent more time milling around various thrifts this month than partaking in any more productive activities.

Not that thrifting is anti-productive.... The rational part of me just thinks that with the big continental move approaching, the last thing I need is more stuff.

For example.... In late May my boyfriend, who paid me a graduation visit, was a kind enough fellow to not only bring an empty suitcase with him but also packed lightly in his other suitcase, in order to assist in getting some of my belongings back to the States. I opted to cram the suitcases full with seasonal gear and a good portion of my overflowing shoe collection (in my room, shoes were literally spewing forth from the various nooks I had them crammed into). For less than 24-hours after I had a manageable amount of shoes, then I went thrifting.......

and now we get to the first installment of:
Thrifting in June: Things that begin with the letter S

Part 1: Shoes

Of course I did not get these all at once. I've been picking up pairs here and there over the past few weeks. At first I told myself that for every 'new' pair I got, I'd get rid of an old pair.

Now it's more like for every TWO 'new' pairs I get, I will get rid of an old pair.....

With the vast number of shoes I'm always forced to pass on since the shoes always seem to be around a 7 or 8 and I am gifted with size 10 (41) feet, it is always a thrill when I do find shoes in my size!


Karima said...

it's so hard to find nice looking shoes in good condition AND one's size - well done! i especially like the first two pairs, but they are all great.

Missa said...

Wonderful scores, all of them!