Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Disheveled is the word on the day..

It's been over two weeks since I last documented an outfit of mine. Most of my days have been spent mulling around my flat and as a result my outfits have been either boring or repetitive. Surprisingly today I had one of those "half-asleep - throw on clothes and go out the door" outfits that actually worked. Everything served a purpose: the tank dress is a bit short so I added shorts, it was breezy outside so I added a cardigan, stepping on glass totally sucks so I needed shoes. I'll even admit I woke up with my hair still reasonably pulled back in the bun and thought "screw it", I left it alone and wandered out the door to the laundromat. Despite the casual nature of today's ensemble, it seemed to attract strange pervy dudes like flies!?

The shorts I'm wearing today are new favorites of mine, I thrifted them two weeks ago and have been wearing them regularly ever since. They were intended to be shorts for men but since when did I care about such things as labels? The tank dress I thrifted about a week ago. I got something of a discount after the woman at the register proclaimed that it was much too short to be considered a dress. So she charged me the shirt price!

Everything is thrifted, the t-straps I posted about previously, and the
vintage woven purse is a personal favorite of mine.


Ming said...

I LOVE wearing a short dress/shirt like that with shorts too! It's kind of sexy without being revealing, don't you think?

a cat of impossible colour said...

Ooh, pretty! I like the idea of wearing a short dress with shorts.

Rox said...

ming - I agree. I've always been a big fan of subdued sexy!

andrea - Thanks!