Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I wore today.....

As mentioned yesterday, wearing one of my new Salvation Army finds today was put on hold due to a little Priority Mail box I received in the mail yesterday.

I try to avoid Ebay, most often it leads an array of impulse buys and on occasion paying more than I normally would at a brick 'n mortar shop. So I try to keep it for when I really need something. My closet was pretty much devoid of "winter" suitable dresses and after coming up dry for several weeks, I took my search to Ebay. I'd been thinking along the lines of vintage wool sweater dresses and found this number for the low "Buy It Now" price of $5.

The seller had priced the dress according to the fact that the skirt had a few small stains (barely noticeable and I think with a bit of elbow grease I could remove them) and the wool knit had become a bit nubbly (nothing a gentle use of a sweater shaver could not fix).

$5 with a few more shipping was something of a bargin for the dress (by Ebay standards) and this fact made it perfectly guilt-free when digging through the sellers other listings I found myself impulsively buying the best skirt EVER for a "Buy Now" price of $25.

Ah... but I'll save the BEST SKIRT EVER!!! for another post on another day. I didn't think it deserved it's first outting to be on a day where I spent most of it finishing up a website template for a client.

The dress was both warm and comfortable for a day spent coding at the computer in the terribly drafty house that I live in. With it I added a recently thrifted cardigan (that I've worn about 4 times already) and heels that I had picked up during my last shopping trip in Paris (which have also been previously posted about).


In other news, I'll be posting "Thematic Tuesday" tomorrow. After the unexpectedly busy day of rushing to finish a job early, I much rather go play video games with Mister.boyfriend than finish organizing my Etsy book marks for this week's post ;)

Also look out for the post on the clothing I thrifted during my adventures last weekend.

(and the unveiling of THE BEST SKIRT EEEEVVVVEEEERRR!)


Missa said...

Gorgeous dress, it's the most wonderful color! Looking forward to seeing the best skirt EVER :)

elena-lu said...

i agree that color is soo beautiful! you look great