Monday, November 3, 2008

I thrift, therefore I am.

I went to two different thrift stores over the weekend and I did something of a mini haul. It is always a thrill when I find exactly what I am looking for such as with my new one person teapot.

I've been wanting one for awhile but just never wanted to shell out the cash whenever I saw one at the store. Andrea (acatofimpossiblecolour) tormented me with her lovely teapot and I almost broke down last week and grabbed one off of Ebay for $20.

Fortunately I stalled my trigger happy mouse finger long enough to come across this baby at the Goodwill for $1.50:

In all honesty I would have bought it no matter what the set looked like since I needed it more for utility than aesthetics but oh how it tickled me that the set was in yellow/black, the colors I'm painting my workspace.

Mister.boyfriend kept mentioning to me how we needed coasters and lo-n-behold I came across this vintage "alcohol proof" set for $1 at the Salvation Army:

I find the whole "alcohol proof" thing to be a bit odd. I'd be more worried by the drunks ruining my upholstery rather than my coasters......

Getting this print mounted on wood, at the Salvation Army, was a slightly impulsive buy. The depiction of the green boxy house surrounded by snow and bare trees came off as intriguing to me. As did the implied texture of the canvas. I immediately could think of no need for such things but for $1, I'll find a place for it.

I plan on painting this frame set, that I got for $1.50 at the Goodwill, black (I'm doing a yellow/black theme remember?) after I fix the connecting chain. The hanging frames are small with about a 2" (vertical) opening and I think some sort of minimal print would look lovely in them. Maybe a small sketch of a solitary object?

Mister.boyfriend and myself both had eyed this paper cutter at the Salvation Army and when I suggested getting it despite not having an immediate need for one, I heard no arguments.

When I still lived with my parents, I always used my dad's paper cutter for various projects. So I'm sure I'll find a use for it soon enough!

This nondescript patent leather purse that I found at the Goodwill is a perfect example how I always find myself wrapped up in the details.

The outside has a nice shape and is cute enough but I fell in love with the lining....

The cute striped lining made the purse totally worth $2 to me.

Despite knowing how to knit, I can never help picking up knitted/crocheted items at the thrifts. When the price is right I figure that it totally wins over the cost of doing it myself. Especially when the knitted item is a mustard colored beret (with a pompom!) for .50!

I thought the beret was my last grab from the Goodwill before I left but while waiting in line I spotted this pretty brooch for $1 in one of the display cases:

Also this weekend I came across a few new dresses, some more tights!, and a few other clothing items for myself. I'll save those finds for my next post. I had planned on wearing one of the dresses tomorrow but a package arrived for me in the mail today and I think my priorities have now shifted ;)


Missa said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE all of these finds, all of them! The bare tree motif is a favorite of mine and I love unique little prints like that.

Also, the lining of that purse is SO cool and the brooch matches it! I think the tiny frames would look really cool with little silhouettes in them and I have a total thing for vintage office supplies that I would have no use for!

So jealous of the mustard beret, awesome... Bravo!

a cat of impossible colour said...

Wow, amazing amazing finds! What a great haul. Like Missa, I am in love with them all, but am particularly glad that you found a one-person teapot. Yay!

I also love those hanging frames - they would look great with little black and white children's book illustrations in them, I think, but that's just me. I adore the lining of that purse, and I covet your flower brooch. :)

Gladys said...

I'm envious of that purse - I would have bought it for the lining as well!